Date of Award

Summer 1964

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Master of Science




The institutions selected for this study were: The University of Virginia, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, The University of Richmond and The College of William and Mary. The selections of these institutions seemed proper in that they were representative of the various types of educational institutions to be found in Virginia. The University of Virginia is a state university; Virginia Polytechnic Institute is a state institution which incorporates the land grant college in its educational program; The University of Richmond is a privately endowed denominational university and The College of William and Mary is a state college.

This study attempts to compare the Master's degree programs in the selected educational institutions for the degree of variation in the composition and general characteristics. It makes comparison in such matters as residence requirements, maximum time limitations, semester-hours or credit-hours necessary, provision for transfer of credit between institutions, the existence of core requirement, the extent to which course offerings for potential school administrators met those established by the Cooperative Program for Educational Administration and the Virginia State Board of Education, the necessity for a Master's thesis, and the nature of any qualifying or final examinations.

What are the admissions standards that must be met by the candidate for the program? What degrees are granted at the Master's level? What changes in the graduate program are under way or in prospect? It is toward these and similar questions that this study is directed.