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The chelating agents, 2, 2, 8, 8-Tetrakishydroxymethyl1-3, 7-diaza-1, 5, 9-nonanetriol (''Disec") and 2, 2, 8 ,8-Tetramethyl1-3, 7-diaza-5-nonaneol ("Symaminol") were prepared and investigated with respect to their Basicity and Stability Constants.

The compound, "Disec," investigated in earlier work was again studied using more precise and controlled conditions of temperature (30.000 + - 0.002°C), measured pH readings and volume readings.

Tbe compound, "Symaminol," was prepared in the laboratory and studied in the same manner as "Disec." Examination of the literature yielded no evidence of "Symaminol" having been previously investigated.

By means of a digital computer, the data was correlated in a manner as to investigate the Basicity Constant and Stability Constant curves of the two compounds.

Some understanding of the values and limits of the method to determine such constants were evaluated.

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