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This paper is an investigati on of the attitudes expressed toward Thomas Jefferson by Richmond's press in the presidential elections of 1800, 1804, and 1808. Jefferson, revered and venerated today, as a controversial figure during these years and was attacked most severely by bis political opponents and defended staunchly by his political friends. This investigation covers only the newspapers of Richmond during these election years, and no attempt has been made to deal with the multitudinous tracts, pamphlets, and other circulars printed in these years.

Principal reliance has been placed upon Richmond 's three largest and most enduring newspapers of that day. Three other newspapers of short duration have contributed some interesting information to this investigation, and although the contents of this report have been gleaned almost entirely from the editorial columns of all these papers, a few entries of human interest have been included from the advertisements and other sections.

Of the three Richmond newspapers which spanned all three elections each of them was constant in the attitude which is first expressed toward Jefferson in 1800.

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