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Spring 1945

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Master of Science




!he purpose ot this study is to review one of the pressing problems of education its relation to religion in the light of the cultural changes in our democratic society, and in the light of the scientific study of religion. Studies in religion during the last fifty years have shown with increasing clarity that religion is not an isolated and specialized experience in and of itself but a potential quality that inheres in any and every experience of normal living, operating in the realm of appreciation and values.

Studies of our changing culture of the last fifty years have shown a disturbed culture, weakened authority of custom, social perplexity, undigested sooial change and a callous selfishness which cannot support a lasting civilization. over against this spiritual unrest, and the perplexity of the world, the public school should upbuild in the young the spiritual values necessary for a just and lasting civilization. The findings of this study indicate some ways in which this may be done.

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