Date of Award

Spring 1963

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Business Administration


Since the end of World War II and particularly since the Korean incident, military procurement has achieved a peacetime volume never before contemplated in our history. This high level of activity and the likelihood that it will continue for a long time gives defense spending a new importance in the national economy. It is therefore desirable that small business should seek participation in this new and large opportunity since it always has been in competition to serve other kinds of economic demands.

This thesis will examine the magnitude and nature of militacy procurement and the special commercial considerations involved. The analysis will concentrate on specialized military equipment and will give only passing attention to the problems of doing business with the military in such commodities as shoes, clothing, typewriters, meat and vegetable products, furniture, and a multitude of other items the services buy that are similar to or identical with standard articles of commerce.

The main concem ot this study therefore, will center on the method of procurement of weapons and the related and specialized equipment essential to their operation. It will, of necessity, include components, materials, special products, and services required for weapons and their directly related equipments.