Date of Award

Spring 1962

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Master of Science




Aldehydes are a very important group of organic compounds because they have been round to contribute t the flavor and odor of many foods and plants . To the organic chemist, aldehydes are important because of their reactivity and interesting chemistry.

Because aldehydes are so prevalent in natural products and because they have . wide use in industrial and synthetic chemistry, their analytical chemistry is extensive . Despite this, there is still a need for rapid, simple, and general procedure for characterization or aldehydes that is not subject to extensive interferences.

The primary purpose of this study was to develop a. technique to aid in the characterization of aldehydea by ultraviolet spec­ troscopy. Other analytical benefits which resulted from this study are a proposed' quantitative procedure for the analysis of aldehydes and the application of the aldehyde-acetal reaction to analytical chemistry.

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Chemistry Commons