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Summer 1962

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Master of Science




Scientific achievements in the past few decades have stimulated educators to investigate current content and practices in teaching science at the 8th grade level. Man at the threshold of space has become a reality as a result of achievements in science during the past decade. The most notable achievements have been the orbital space flights. Control of atomic energy, the development of powerful rockets, advancement in radar detection and communication, along with discoveries in space medicine have made it necessary to improve and strengthen the eighth grade science program in order to produce the science personnel needed for continued progress.

The traditional science program and the teaching methods used have been under constant debate. The main area of emphasis on teaching science has been on the college and secondary level. However, in many cases the interest which motivates students to do serious work in college has been found to start in junior high school. Some thought­ ful educators see a need for reorganizing and evaluating the junior high school curriculum.

The purpose of this study is to determine whether there is a difference between two methods of teaching science at the eighth grade level. These methods are: (1) Integrated; and (2) Departmentalized.

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