Date of Award

Spring 1961

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Business Administration


This work was initiated as the result of my interest in this subject, and of my sincere convictions concerning the importance of internal auditing. This is internal auditing as it should be.

When an employee is placed in such a unique position of trust that an auditor occupies he is indeed privileged. I have occupied that position, and was further privileged to have been under the super vision of a very great and dedicated chief auditor. Until the time of his retirement, one year ago, he patiently imparted as much of his knowledge of our subject as was possible for him to do. There are few such instances in a life ­ time in which one man can receive from another instruction and guidance that comes from the devotion and complete dedication to a job. What I have written is my understanding and interpretation of that dedication.

It shall be the purpose of this study to examine internal auditing as it applies to today 's large corporation so that those who will enter this field may know what it is, and that those who are already in it may possibly be influenced by one of their fellow auditors, to the end that this work may be made more useful, more effective, and better understood.