Date of Award

Spring 1959

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Business Administration


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the Employee Information Program at the Virginia Electric and Power Company.

In the first portion, the author shows by means of correlated research the need for informing employees, the categories of conveying the information and the type of information to be conveyed. An outline of a possible information program is presented.

The second segment of this paper is devoted principally to a brief description and commentary of the information channels used by VEPCO. Two methods of communication frequently used in industry, but not used by VEPCO, are also discussed and commented on.

As early as 1946 development began on the Group Meeting which later became the framework about which was built the Coordinated VEPCO Employee Information Program. Chapter III covers the history of the Group Meeting from its formation until July, 1952.

In July 1952, the VEPCO Employee Information Program was surveyed by Guy Arthur and Associates, Incorporated. Chapter IV evaluates the progress resulting from the "Guy Arthur'' recommendations.

Additional recommendations for improving VEPCO's Employee Information Program are covered next by the author. Finally a summary of all pertinent recommendations encompassing the "Central Surveys" and "Guy Arthur Survey" is presented.