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Summer 1959

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Master of Science




The purpose of this study is to record information regarding the history, orgnization, and the operation of the Glen Echo Elementary School located in Henrico County, in the State of Virginia. The recording of this material will provide a clear concept as to the efforts that have been and are being made to educate children living in a growing Community. This study will give many evidences of hardships endured by children and parents alike, while striving for an education in one of Virginia's earliest public schools.

The Study includes a sketch of the history of the many provisions made for a school through a rental plan, the purchase of a church building, and the construction of two buildings. It includes also data on the administration, the pupils, teachers, and the curriculum in the school today. The historical development of the school was studied with a view of recording those highlights that have seemed to effect the present day status of the school.

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