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Summer 1958

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Master of Science




A State Teachers Scholarship Program was inaugurated in Virginia in 1947. The program, based on appropriations made by the General Assembly of Virginia for each biennium, has been in continuous operation for eleven years. It provides financial assistance in the form of scholarship grants for in-service teachers and for individuals who are preparing to enter the teaching profession.

The State Teachers' Scholarship Program, designed to foster the cause of education in Virginia,should be appraised in terms or its effectiveness. It is a recognized fact that any service which has been in operation for a period of time should be evaluated or checked in some way. It is also true that continuous records should be kept on all programs which evolve from need and develop through use.

At the time of this study no record had been compiled or the complete development of the history of the State Teachers Scholarship Program, and no systematic study or evaluation had been made of its over-all contribution to education. The study was undertaken to remedy this situation. The study Was undertaken with two definite objectives:

1. To trace the history and development of the State Teachers Scholarship Program.

2. To determine the relationship of the program to the supply of qualified teachers in the public schools of Virginia.

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