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Master of Disaster Science


Emergency Management


This study examines the question, is it possible to develop a neutral-site Geographic Information System (GIS) that addresses information needs useful for the training of emergency management personnel? To answer this question a subordinate question requiring an answer is what specific steps are required to accomplish this goal? As a base for the data provided here, the history of cities as an initial root of civilization and the concept of emergency management are discussed. Direct intersections, where the specific applications of emergency management technology provide real benefits to local governmental organizations, such as those at the city level are also considered. One of these potential technologies is a Geographic Information System, or GIS. Using a qualitative method, with thick description, the process and procedures of creating a neutralsite GIS for use in training by organizations who do not currently have access to the technology is then described. The potential benefit for jurisdictions lacking a current GIS is clearly demonstrated. The study concludes with a summation of the research, development and construction of a neutral-site GIS. Specific lessons learned during the entire process are discussed. Finally, areas of further study the process brought to my attention are considered.