Making the Net work : the influence of networking on black women executives' leadership in the telecommunications industry

Kayren J. Shoffner


Leadership is exemplified by growth. It is not enough to be a strong leader; in order to develop that leadership, one must continue to grow. In order to grow, one must be in the company of likeminded people. Hence, the power of networking to increase and enhance one's leadership development is great. When I look at my leadership development over the past four years, I am able to identify definite growth. This growth was facilitated by the networking situations in which I placed myself or created.

Previous research in this area reveals that women in general, and black women in particular, have a unique style of leadership which is displayed in different ways from the "typical, male model of leadership. The theoretical framework I will use for this investigation will present these differences in a positive light and show how a Black woman's perspective is invaluable in formal and informal leadership positions.