Ann Hunter

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Summer 1958

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Master of Arts




One of the personality variables that has been the object of considerable interest in recent years is "need achievement." This variable was first defined by Murray as the need for "success in competition with some standard of excellence." McClelland and his associates, measuring need for achievement from written responses to TAT-type pictures, have reported Significant and useful relationships between this variable and several behavioral criteria.

In order to have a more objective method of measuring need achievement, the Iowa Picture Interpretation Test (IPIY) was developed at the State University of Iowa laboratories. The IPIT obtains scores on four variables: achievement imagery, blandness, hostility, and insecurity. The test originally employed ten TAT with four alternative responses to each card to be ranked in order of preference. In its present form (Form RK) the IPIT has been expanded to include twenty-four TAT cards. Form RK has been shown to have higher internal consistency and stability than the earlier form and to be a better predictor of behavior on a simple additions task.

The purpose of the present investigation is to provide a further replication of these two studies, using both Form O and Form RK of the IPIT to constitute the AI groups, and controlling for the general learning ability of the Ss in these groups in an attempt to better understand the differences in results.

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