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The study is of two displaced Royalists, Moore Fauntleroy and Warham Horsmanden, who left England in the mid-seventeenth century. It examines their motivations for leaving their homeland and the results of their tenure in Virginia.

Research was conducted in England at the British Library in the British Museum, the Public Record Office, London, and the County Archives of Kent, Maidstone, Kent, and the Archives of Southampton, Winchester. In Virginia, research was continued at the Virginia Historical Society Library, Richmond; the State Archives of Virginia, Richmond; and Essex County Court House, Tappahannock.

The research disclosed that a myriad of reasons existed for the emigration of to colonists in Virginia. A number of different facets of colonial society were affected by the arrival of the settlers. Moore Fauntleroy and Warham Horsmanden left great legacies, whether by the settlement of new counties or the foundation of political dynasties in the colony in which they sought refuge. Horsmanden was the maternal grandfather of William Byrd II of "Westover," an able and famous politician.

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