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Spring 1958

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Master of Science




Federal participation in American public school education began with the public school land grants of 1785. The succeeding years saw many extensions of federal aid to education, e.g., research conferences with state and local edu- cation officials with the purpose of bringing to their attention the problems of youth and to plan attacks on these problems, and publishing and distributing reports of educational accomplishments of states and localities. But, throughout this period, extending until 1933, the central government's relation to education was clear. Public education was regarded as a state prerogative. What broad controls the Federal Government exercised over certain of its funds were invariably channeled through state educational agencies. However, this traditional concept of the Federal Government's role in public education underwent a marked change, beginning in 1933 and lasting until 1943.

It is the purpose of this study to present a broad survey of the growth and development of the Civilian Conservation Corps educational program; the extent of co-operation between federal and state educational officials; vocational placement of enrollees; and the nature of the guidance and counseling techniques employed by Civilian Conservation Corps education officials to dis­ cover the educational and vocational needs and abilities of enrollees in order to develop an educational program around these needs.

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