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Business Administration


Similar to the Industrial Revolution with its impact on factory management during the early nineteen hundreds is the electronical means of processing data to the office. This new era in office and accounting procedure has opened the door to many new systems in the processing of paper. For the first time in the history of man we are able to do these things:

1. Present timely reports to management of large-scale operations.

2. Eliminate present manual and machine methods with their undesirable elements of inaccuracy.

3. Eliminate the necessity of writing down an element of information more than once.

4. Introduce an up-grading of labor.

The ultimate in future machine development lies in the new principle whereby a machine is capable of recognizing signs or to be able to perceive writing. The purpose of this, of course, is to eliminate the need for costly methods of translating human language into machine language. Such a machine that could recognize signs or handwriting would replace key punch operators and expensive input methods of putting data into a machine.