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The purpose of this paper is to show Tennyson's preoccupation with nature in his poetry, his use of her as a projector of moods and symbolism, the interrelation of landscape with depth of feeling and narrative or even simple picturesqueness. Widely celebrated as the supreme English poet and often called the Victorian Oracle, Tennyson may well be considered the best exemplar of the nineteenth century. T.S. Eliot acclaimed his poetic greatness because of his "abundance, variety, and complete competence." In addition to these positive attributes he displayed elements typical of the Victorian Age, dignity, seriousness, industrious application. More importantly, Tennyson was possessed of a real empathy with nature in the multiplicity of her vestments. She supported his moods, strengthened his designs, and provided harmonious backdrops for his lyrical or didactic purposes. In his alliance with her Tennyson employed the voice of nature poignantly, bleakly, beautifully, in portrayal as natural as his inspiration.