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The writer undertook this study with several objectives in view. Primarily it was desired to study the exact statistical relationship between academic success at University of Richmond and each of several scores obtained in the freshman testing program. More specifically, it was desired to check the predictive ability of: (1) the "Q" or quantitative score, (2) the "L" or linguistic score, (3) the "T" or total score, (sum of "Q" and "L" scores) obtained from the American Council on Education Psychological Examination for College Freshmen.

In addition to this, it was desired to compute the validity coefficient for another test of the battery, the Cooperative Reading Comprehension Test. This is one of three complete tests which are combined in the testing program to make up the Cooperative English Test.

Finally, it was the purpose of this study to review the literature for reports of previous investigations of this and closely related problems. This was done not only as a check on the writer's findings, but to prevent him from covering over-investigated territory. Also, it was a search for an indication of the most profitable direction of exploration.