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The transportation of school children to and from school has not always been the states' responsibility. The attitude of most educators before 1850 was that if students really wanted to come to school they would come even if they had to travel many miles. This attitude of the educated few did not lend itself to a tax-supported pupil transportation system.

The importance of the school bus driver cannot be overemphasized. It is the bus driver's responsibility to get the children to and from safely. There is considerable evidence that very few accidents result from mechanical failure of the bus; most accidents, rather, can be traced to the driver. The competency of the driver determine the effectiveness of any pupil transportation system.

The purpose of this questionnaire was to point out the varied bus driver programs in Virginia. Attention was given to a geographical interpretation of the results. It appeared that school divisions in a particular section of the had common needs. The assumption that counties with large bus fleets would have a more comprehensive river program was also explored/. Each part of the questionnaire covered a wide range, allowing for differences in localities, situations, and facilities.

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