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The agricultural society which took the lead in this second movement was the Agricultural Society of Albemarle; an organization founded by professional men who desired to bring about agricultural reform for all the people in Virginia. A long list of accomplishments occurred during the years in which the society prospered, and some of the key agricultural reforms were introduced at their meetings. The decline of the Society came in late 1841 when a new and informal organisation began to draw members from the more loosely formed Albemarle Society. Prosperity was brought to Albemarle County by the Society and its accomplishments may be measured by the influence which it placed on Virginia agriculture.

In writing this paper, the author desired to accomplish three aims: first, to portray the agricultural conditions which existed in Virginia in the post-Revolutionary decades; second, to relate the accomplishments of the key agricultural leaders in the state; and third, to present an account of the accomplishments of the Agricultural Society of Albemarle.