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Age, growth, and food habits of the population of Micropterus salmoides (largemouth bass) in Westhampton Lake were studied from September to November 1978. Two year classes (0 and I) were identified by determining numbers of annuli on the scales of the fish. Growth data indicated that the bass attain a size of 254 mm (10 in.) near the end of their second summer. The length-weight relationship was log W = -4.6829 + 2.9153 log TL. The Fulton condition factor for the population was 1.40. Food habits were described by numerical and frequency of occurrence methods. Young of the year sunfish were the primary forage for the bass (range 105 to 269 mm). Values attained for growth and condition factors were intermediate to similar values for largemouth bass populations from northern and southern states, indicating Westhampton Lake is a favorable largemouth bass habitat.