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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Joanne C. Preston

Second Advisor

Dr. Frederick J. Kozub

Third Advisor

Dr. L. James Tromater


The Necker cube reversal illusion was used to test the satiational and constructional theories of this illusion in an experimental paradigm. The paradigm involved one group of 51 university students who were tested under three experimental conditions. All three test sessions involved their watching a Necker cube for a continuous 2 minute period. Each session was separated by at least a 1-day interval. One session involved the plain cube. Another session involved a fixation mark in the center of the cube and a third session had the mark sequentially appearing in four different locations in the central region of the cube. The subject was instructed to gaze into the cube, fixate on the fixation mark, and to sequentially fixate on the mark wherever it appeared in the respective aforementioned conditions.