Dina Zanetti

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Master of Science




Stress causes alterations to the immune system. These alterations have lead to increased susceptibility to antigens. The present study explores shifts in T helper (TH) cell balance (TH1 and TH2), through their cytokine expression. This study was performed in three phases, and focused mainly on animals subjected to a 10 day a chronic unpredictable stress paradigm. Phase one used ELISAs to confirm the cytokine profile produced from TH 1 and TH2 murine cell-lines. Phase two used SDS PAGE and Western Immunoblotting to show that splenocytes from Long Evan's Hooded rats subjected to the stress paradigm, had decreased in intercellular in IL-4. Phase three used ELISAs to show inhibition to IL-10 secretion in response to stress, with additional alteration noted in IFNgamma in response to isolation. These results suggest that stress and isolation cause changing cytokine secretion profiles by T helper cells, which alters the immune response.