Wei Yoen Tu

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Master of Science




For muny centuries the Chinese had very little contact with outside world. Mountains, desert, and ocean were barriers which helped to protect the Chinese and their country from foreign invasions. Because of this isolation, China produced a civilization which is entirely different from others. The ancient Chinese civilization was so well established that it has survived; uninterrupted and not greatly changed to the present century. For a long time it was a great advantage to the Chinese to be shut away from the outside while the Occidentals were making steady progress. The progressive scientific knowledge and the genius of various inventions had greatly shortened the world distance and the barriers no longer help to isolate China. Soon tho long isolated nation was in conflict with the modern progressive nations of the West. After a series of defeats, China had discovered the defects of her ancient civilization. A careful examination of the some of the basic and fundamental problems will reveal why China has been so retrogressive in various fields as compared with the Western countries. One of the fields is her educational problems, for which this paper is intended.