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The effects of either porcine FSHt equine LH, or both combined upon the pregametic a.nd gametic phases of the ovarian cycle of Anolis carolinensis {green anole)were investigated in animals maintained under one of three photothermal. regimens: 3 hours light at 15 C; 14 hours light at 15 C; or 14 hours light at 32 C.

Increases in pre-vitellogenic follicle diaaeter and ovarian weight were significantly greater at 32 C than at 15 c. A trend towards decreased numbers of atretic follicles with increased gonadotrophin dosage occurred in response to 14 hours light at 32 C. Gonadotrophin dosages which stimulated vitello­ genesis at 32 C did not induce yolking at 15 C.

Significant increases in ovary weight and a trend towards an increase in atretic follicles over group controls occurred at cool temperatures irrespective of photoperiod (3 or 14 hours). Increases in body weight were observed in both 15 C groups and were significant over both the 32 C group and the initial controls.

Significant increases in pre-vitellogenic follicle produc­ tion occurred in both 15 C and 32 C groups irrespective of photo­ period (3 or 14 hours).

Effects of gonadotrophin treatments are correlated with and discussed in terms of the environmental para.aeters within which they occurred.

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