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The great volume of real estate transactions which have been consumated through large-scale syndications during the past fifteen or twenty years runs into the billions of dollars. Most of these transactions were consumated by the 11 know-how11 syndicators of New York, Chicago, Miami and other progressive 11 smart-money11 centers.

The purpose of this paper is to present a complete, simple and concise report on the techniques and tools of real estate syndication so that the small real estate broker will realize that: (1) putting together a syndicate is not beyond his comprehension; (2) it is not necessary to depend on large syndicators, promoters and attorneys to perform the real estate functions and promotions necessary for the formation of a real estate syndicate; (3) it is not necessary to absorb the hundreds of complicated articles, briefs and legal reports to become an expert in the "know-how" of syndication; and (4) it is advisable for him to pursue a course of study in the fundamentals of real estate syndication.