Date of Award

Spring 5-2008

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Human Resource Mgt


Human Resource Management

First Advisor

Dr. Maria T. Poindexter

Second Advisor

Dr. Patricia Strait

Third Advisor

Dr. James L. Narduzzi


Police Departments across the country are experiencing vast numbers of veteran supervisory and command personnel retiring from public service. Without careful planning, these retirements can create a leadership void that will be difficult to fill with well-qualified candidates. These separations pose a loss of institutional knowledge, expertise and leadership continuity. The research conducted focused on the underlying reasons why highly-competent, experienced police officers are refusing to advance their law enforcement careers in becoming supervisors. The study included a review of the published literature and surveys being administered to 105 non-supervisory Fairfax County Police Officers on their interest in becoming a supervisor at the entry rank of sergeant. The fostering of future leaders should be made a priority and it should be the responsibility of those in leadership positions to identify, mentor and assist aspiring supervisory candidates to obtain the training and experience required to become a successful police manager.