Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Business Admin


Human Resource Management

First Advisor

Dr. Maria T. Poindexter

Second Advisor

Patricia Strait

Third Advisor

James L. Narduzzi


The problem addressed in this study is the challenge to police agencies to

recruit and retain police officers. The Prince William County Police Department

(PWCPD) has experienced the challenges of filling sworn positions as we

continue to sustain our fully authorized staffing levels. This is a phenomenon

many agencies across the nation are experiencing. A survey was used to identify

the reasons for selecting the PWCPD for employment and what can be done to

retain employees to ensure a positive return-on-investment. A multi-step process

was followed in creating, distributing and analyzing the survey. Results lead to

the following conclusions: knowing your target market and the strengths of the

organization; having a clear mission statement and organizational objectives

which can be identified by all members in the agency; creating a pay structure that

is effective in minimizing the number of officers who leave for other agencies.