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The purpose of this research was to explore the application of low temperature infrared spectroscopy to the study of several chemical problems. In particular the following items were investigated:

1. The design, manufacture, and operation of a low temperature optical cell suitable for infrared spectroscopic studies or gas-solid samples at liquid nitrogen temperature (-196°c) and above.

2. The recording and study of the infrared spectra or nitrogen dioxide and isoprene at 25°c and at lower temperatures.

3. A preliminary study of the reaction between nitrogen dioxide and isoprene at various temperatures using infrared techniques.

In recent years infrared studies have been developed and used successfully in research as well as in industry for qualitative and quantitative chemical determinations. These methods have been extended by the use of specially designed accessories to studies or chemical reactions at high and low temperatures. Low temperature studies are applied in the identification or free radicals, intermediate products, and studies of reactions which are rapid at room temperatures. It was the desire of the author to explore and use the cold temperature techniques in connection with infrared spectroscopy.


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