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The purpose of this study was to determine if the principal' s leadership style had a positive effect on students' Science Research Associates Composite Test scores. The correlational method of research was used on fifteen randomly selected public high schools with school populations between six hundred and nine hundred students in the State of Virginia. The Principal Leadership Style Questionnaire was used t o ascertain the leadership style of the principal. The Likert Profile of a School Questionnaire was used to measure the climate of the school.

The results showed a significant correlational coefficient between the principal' s leadership style and the test scores. A significant correlational coefficient was also found between the principal' s leadership style and the school 's climate . It was concluded that principals having a 7 , 7 style of leadership were in schools with higher Science Research Associates Composite Percentile scores. The climate in these schools was also tending toward Likert's Participative System 4.

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