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Fall 8-1970

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Master of Arts



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Dr. Edward F. Overton

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Dr. Larry D. Flora

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Dr. William H. Leftwich


Although 1970 has been proclaimed the contennial year of the founding of the public school system in Virginia,1 organized guidance in the elementary schools had its beginning only five years ago.2 During the ensuing years, there has been increased interest in offering more and improved guidance services in the elementary schools of the state. An additional emphasis has been placed on the developmental aspect of guidance, specially trained persons have been employed in some of the elementary schools in Virginia.

One of the this developmental aspect of guidance in which there is great concern is career development. Because of the rapidly changing conditions that characterize the world of work, many educators are seeking ways to provide the young child with a vocational awareness which is both relevant and up to date. The basic idea behind the vocational awareness concept is that boys and girls of elementary school age will receive adequate training and experiences to help foster self-knowledge in relation to the world of work. Such experiences should provide these youngsters with an occupational readiness which will enable them to make meaningful occupational choices later in life. Thus, the guidance movement is directing its attention to ways in which the experiences of the elementary school child will affect his ultimate decisions and ability to cope with current and future problems.3

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