Date of Award

Summer 1956

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts


Political Science


As long as governments, laws and regulations have existed, men have sought means to challenge, circumvent and annul them. Whether honorably or selfishly motivated, only time, the great revelator can prove; and few lessons learned serve to prevent mens thoughts from again straying to these channels or desire.

To thoroughly exhaust the subject or desire in man to resist authority in government would be to re-write mythology and add still another labor to the burdens or Hercules. To do it completely would involve a lifetime of study, another of writing, and would necessitate encompassing all knowledge of men, religion, government and life. It is not my ambition, nor do I reel competent or worthy to begin the work of present­ ing the picture so extensively. It is my purpose to reveal as unbiased and objective an account of this desire, or what is now termed Interposition, as can be obtained from a brief scanning or such action in United States history.

The work will not be comprehensive or inclusively detailed throughout the tracing, but will be prompted by a sin­ cere interest and a wish to throw direct as opposed to reflected light upon a much-debated topic. Many or the important documents will be included in their entirety allowing the reader to draw his own conclusions and interpretation without prejudice.