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Dr. Edward F. Overton


The purposes of this study are (l) to describe the dropout situation and provide statistics concerning this problem in the United States, Virginia, and Richmond and (2) to describe the programs and services for potential dropouts which tend to improve the holding power of Richmond's public schools.

This thesis provides background information necessary for a better understanding of the dropout situation.

There exists no one source from which teachers, administrators, and laymen can learn about the various programs and services offered by the Richmond Public Schools to deal with the dropout problem. This problem is becoming more acute with the passing of time. Facts need to be assembled to determine the courses of action to take for the future. Laymen need to be well informed. If the public understands the problems, it should be more willing to support programs directed toward solutions. This study should show, to some extent at least, what Richmond is attempting to accomplish in this area. Therefore, this study should prove helpful to those interested in the progress of the city of Richmond.

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