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Division of authority between the national goverment and the state governments has been a problem since the origin of the United States and this problem is especially prominent today in so far as it concerns the public schools. In the present situation, both constitutional and emotional difficulties are concerned; for this reason, history, constitutional analysis, and recent developments in trends of thought are all essential parts of a discussion concerning the present problem of segregation in public schools.

Almost three years ago, the Supreme Court rendered its decision in the Segregation Cases, 347 U.S. 483 (1954), in which it held that segregation could not be enforced on the basis or race. This was but the most recent important case dealing with the subject; many preceded it. But a beginning cannot be made with the first or these cases because a fundamental constitutional question is involved, and an analysis or this question is necessary be.tore the present situation can be properly understood. The next chapter will therefore be devoted to an historical analysis of the question of sovereignty, presenting the views of prominent men from different periods in the growth or the United States. Some of these men such as John C. Calhoun and Daniel Webster were natives of this country, others such as Alexis DeTocqueville were not, but all made important contributions in analyzing this problem.