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Master of Arts



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Dr. John D. Treadway


This thesis, based largely upon research conducted at the Eisenhower Library in Kansas, takes a new look at the official policy of "liberation." Focusing on NSC 174, this study contends that there was substance behind the campaign rhetoric of Eisenhower and Dulles. Poland was used as a case study because through an understanding of NSC 174, the Poznan riots of June 1956 can be interpreted in a new light. The uprising can now be viewed as successful as it disrupted the Soviet-satellite relationship, prevented the consolidation of Soviet power in Eastern Eu~ope, and in some measure returned Poland to its people. Although Poland was not liberated by the revolt, it took its first step away from Moscow towards eventual liberation. Thus, the true measure of the success of Eisenhower's liberation needs to be examined against its guideline, NSC 174, and not against public perception.