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Radioisotope tracer techniques were used to determine the self-diffusion coefficients of the ions of sodium, potassium, cesium, chloride, bromide, and iodide in 3% agar gel, and the self-diffusion coefficient of the sodium ion in gelatin-agar gels at differing pH values of the gel.

The coefficients in agar gels were found to be in agreement with the Nernst equation for the diffusion coefficients of ions in aqueous solution. 'l'he diffusion coefficients in gelatin-agar gels were found to be higher in the presence of non-active NaCl than in its absence. The value of the coefficient was lower at the isoelectric point of the gelatin-agar gel than at pH values on the acid and basic sides of the isoelectric point. The value of the self-diffusion coefficient for the sodium ion found in gelatin-agar gel of pH 3 .1 and non-active NaCl concentration of 110 micro equivalents per milliliter ·was larger than the coefficient value in aqueous solution.

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