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The ion-selective membrane electrode, recently introduced commercially, has shown excellent promise as a tool for determining ionic activities and concentrations in solution. It was the intent of the author to study the Orion divalent cation-selective electrode with two objectives.

The first objective of this research was to characterize the response of the divalent cation-selective electrode to calcium and magnesium ions in aqueous solutions. The effect of anions, monovalent cations; and pH upon this response was investigated. An examination was made of the response of this electrode to other divalent cations and of the effect of organic solvents on the membrane material.

The second object was to ascertain if this electrode could be used for the quantitative determination of calcium and magnesium in the presence of high levels of sodium by the standard additions technique. A cursory examination of this electrode as an end-point detector in the titration of calcium and magnesium with disodium ethylenediaminetctraacetate and sodium fluoride was also made.

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