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With mechanism and structure in mind, the aim of this research project was to investigate the role played by the various reagents used in the curcumin spectrophotometric method. The reagents were used in varied concentrations and at times some eliminated entirely, in the hope that a greater understanding be gained in the overall mechanism followed by the reaction.

One of the major objectives was to try to determine the structure of the colored substance formed in the reaction. A step towards this goal was gained by obtaining molar ratios of the entities suspected to be an intricate part of the colored substance.

Most of the studies made were studies of absorption using the visible range of the spectrum (550 millimicrons) where the colored substance was found to absorb at its maximum. A photoelectric colorimeter could have been used instead or a spectrophotometer, however the resolution and precision would not have been as great.

A potentiometric titration study was also carried out so as to gain greater insight into the preliminary reaction occurring between boric acid and oxalic acid prior to the addition of curcumin in the final color forming step of the method.

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