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In introducing this subject, History and Educational Philosophy of Seventh-day Adventist Secondary Schools, it is important first that the need and purpose of Christian education be stated. If there is no real need or no real purpose, then Seventh-day Adventists have no right to sacrifice their means and energies in the establishing and maintaining of these secondary schools the world over.

Seventh-day Adventists have believed, from the beginning of their movement, that Christian education is the only answer to the education of the full man. All great educators agree that if education does what it should do, it develops the physical, mental and spiritual powers of the student. It will aid him in successfully solving all the problems of life. Education will help him to present himself to the world of workmen as a man or woman equipped to battle against the odds of life with a strong physique properly cared for day by day. He will know the general principles of healthful living and the penalty that he must pay eventually, for the transgressions of these principles. He will know how to work with his hands to secure for himself and his own family the necessities and many of the luxuries and comforts of life.

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