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Summer 1955

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Master of Science




The element Iron is so important that a major era of history bore its name. Its magnetic and metallic properties have long been studied and used. It is also well known that iron. is the cental element in the oxygen-carrying compound hemo­ globin and therefore essential to life. Its biological importance is also evidenced by its presence in the cytochrome oxidases . These important biochemical compounds are iron chelates

Fundamental research with iron chelates may therefore shed light on the operations of certain enzyme systems, drugs and poisons. Analytical chemistry and the dye industry have used chelate compounds for many years. Citrates and oxalates have also been used to tie up calcium ions and prevent coag­ ulation of blood, while polyphosphates have been used as water softeners. In recent years many new uses have been de­veloped and interest has grown accordingly.

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