Volume 46, Number 3 (1983) Summer 1983

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University of Richmond Magazine

Summer 1983

Vol. 46, No. 3

Evelyn Fouraker
Contributing Editor
Alison Griffin
Editorial Assistant
Forrest Hughes
Classnotes Editors
Jeffrey L. Franklin, R’77 Jane S. Thorpe, W’58
Art Direction
Brett LaGue Beatley & Gravitt
William H. Leftwich, Ann E. Ladd, F. Sheldon Wettack, Robert S. Alley, Irby B. Brown, Michael Santa Barbara, Leanne Wade Beorn, Barry Barnum, Arthur Todras, Lisa Freeman
UR Magazine Advisory Committee
Roger Beck, R’70, Public Affairs Administrator, Virginia Electric and Power Company; Stephen P. Nash, UR Professor of Journalism; Welford D. Taylor, R’59, G’61, UR Professor of English; John Taylor, VP of Public Affairs, A. H. Robins Company; Mary Grace Taylor, W’ 42, freelance journalist, retired.