Volume 44, Number 4 (1981) Fall

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University of Richmond Magazine

Fall 1981

Vol. 44, No. 4

Evelyn Terry
Editorial Consultants
H. Gerald Quigg, C.J. Gray, George M. Modlin, Carolyn Martin
Contributing Editor
Alison Griffin
Editorial Assistant
Dale Hargrove
Art Direction
Ken Cook The Paxton Group
Lewis T. Booker, F. Carlyle Tiller, George M. Modlin, E. Bruce Heilman, Guy Friddell, Virginia L. Carter, C.J. Gray, Melvin L. Vulgamore, Roger Beck, Laurie Heishman, Frank O. Brown Jr., Bill Brazier, Porter Vaughan, H. Gerald Quigg, Daniel T. Murphy, Barry Westin, John L. Gordon Jr., David C. Ekey, Max Grabber, Welford D. Taylor, William L. Lumpkin, Richard A. Mateer, Stephanie M. Bennett, Irby B. Brown