This article advances the broad project outlined above by recognizing

the equal protection component of legislative generality.

Exploring the relationship between the Equal Protection Clause

and the value of legislative generality both enhances an understanding

of the proper bounds of the Equal Protection Clause and

helps define the ultimate parameters of a value of legislative generality.

Part I of this article defines and provides paradigmatic

examples of special legislation. Part II identifies the most widely

held conceptions of equality that can be enforced through the

Equal Protection Clause and describes how special legislation offends

these conceptions. Part III describes how the Equal Protection

Clause, despite its powerful ability to enforce differing visions

of equality, is incapable, on its own, of combatting special

legislation. Part IV introduces the principle of legislative generality

as a coherent mechanism for restraining special legislation. It

concludes by drawing on equal protection doctrine and theory to

help fashion a coherent and meaningful value of legislative generality.