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Labor and Employment Law


It was a relatively quiet year in the Virginia labor and employment law arena, with no real groundbreaking cases or legislative enactments. There were developments in case law and legislative changes, but these were more subtle this year than in years past, and for the most part, the courts confirmed, affirmed, or clarified the existing state of the law. This article discusses cases and legislative activity of note in the Virginia labor and employment law arena during the past year. Part II addresses recent cases considering employment agreements under Virginia law. Part III considers cases in the continually evolving area of wrongful discharge claims. Part IV concerns employer liability for the wrongful acts of employees. Part V addresses defamation in the context of the employment relationship. Part VI discusses a recent case involving a misappropriation of trade secrets claim by an employer against its former employees. Part VII outlines recent developments in unemployment compensation law. Finally, Part VIII gives an overview of legislative developments during the 2005 Session of the Virginia General Assembly