Depending on your perspective or partisan persuasion, the 2000 presidential election was either an overwhelming triumph of the American electoral system or an abysmal example of justice. Regardless, the recount in Florida caught the attention of the citizens of the nation, and in particular, the legislators in many states. The question, "could 'Florida' happen here?" prompted many in the Virginia General Assembly to cast a scrutinizing eye upon the Commonwealth's election laws. As a result, over one hundred legislative bills and resolutions were introduced in the 2001 Regular Session.' This article surveys the developments in Virginia's election laws from June 2000 through June 2001. Additionally, this article focuses on those legislative enactments and judicial decisions that are significant, interesting, or show some developing trend in the area of election law. This article does not cover every legislative bill or judicial decision rendered within that time frame, nor does it cover the 2001 redistricting Special Session.

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