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The University of Richmond Law Review is extremely pleased to present this special issue dedicated to Professor Akhil Reed Amar's The Bill of Rights: Creation and Reconstruction. The purpose of the issue is to celebrate the groundbreaking nature of Professor Amar's contemporary text by providing a collection of eleven scholarly commentaries in which some of the finest constitutional jurists in the United States react to the book. The commentators each offer a unique perspective on the dynamic text, utilizing legal, judicial, historical, philosophical, and even esoteric influences to analyze its contents. In an eloquent response to his academic peers, Continuing the Conversation, Professor Amar graciously addresses the individual commentaries by examining both praise and criticism alike, as proffered by each of the authors. The result is quite inviting to the reader; and the issue's appeal is enhanced by the fact that the Law Review Editorial Board went to great lengths to preserve the particular writing styles of the individual authors.