Robert L. Freed


Corporate and business law has undergone a variety of changes in the past two years. This article summarizes the developments that occurred in this area of the law from June 1996, through June 1998. In 1997, the Virginia General Assembly amended numerous provisions of the Virginia Code. The amendments became effective January 1, 1998. Virginia state courts and the federal courts have issued opinions which have impacted the law in this area. Part II examines the abundant legislative changes made to title 13.1 of the Virginia Code and the recent judicial decisions affecting corporations. Most of the changes discussed were made by the 1997 Session of the Virginia General Assembly. The 1998 Session made very few notable changes to the Virginia Code. Part M discusses the recent legislative and judicial developments affecting limited liability companies. And finally, Part IV reviews the recent legislative developments affecting partnerships, but does not address the amendments to the Virginia Uniform Partnership Act which were made by the General Assembly in its 1996 Session.