In the past year, several significant developments affecting children and the legal system have occurred: first, the General Assembly's enactment of Family Court legislation introduced under the auspices of the Supreme Court of Virginia and the Judicial Council; second, the reaffirmation of the Comprehensive Services Act, a state-wide, community-based, inter-agency system of delivering services to children, youth and their families; third, the adoption of a number of bills which address the growing problem of violence by juveniles; and fourth, an increasing number of decisions concerning transfer of juveniles to the circuit courts to be tried as adults, which also reflects greater youth participation in serious crime. The 1993 legislative session further saw the enactment of significant bills based on the work of the Commission on the Reduction of the Incidence of Sexual Assault Victimization in Virginia. Other developments were less far reaching, although the continuing, legislatively-mandated Commission on Youth's study of serious and violent juvenile crime will probably have a major impact based on the Commission's recommendations for dealing with the high profile problem.

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