This comment explores the various steps being taken to stop LGBT bullying in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Section I discusses why it is important to address the issue of bullying and the deep impact that bullying can have on students' lives. Section II provides a comprehensive look at how other states have addressed bullying and provided enumerated protection for LGBT students. This section also examines federal laws that have been used in bullying claims in the absence of federal anti-bullying legislation. Section III focuses specifically on Virginia anti-bullying legislation and the steps that Virginia has taken to combat LGBT bullying in particular. This section will focus on the discontinuity among school districts in Virginia regarding LGBT anti-bullying legislation. This section argues that Virginia needs to reevaluate its anti-bullying legislation and enumerate LGBT students as a targeted group instead of leaving the decision to enumerate LGBT students up to each individual school district. Section IV argues why enumerating sexual orientation in Virginia's antibullying law would be beneficial to LGBT students. Section V addresses additional steps that Virginia can take to combat LGBT bullying. It also highlights the positive steps Virginia has already taken to help LGBT students.

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